The dialogue continues between poetry, story, geometry,society, iconography, and color in the work of Abdullah Al Awadi.
Although in this collection the whole concept of icon has challenged.
What characterizes an icon? What gives it its significance? Is it size, color, meaning, myth or purely personal association?
In various artworks there may be more than one icon competing for visual supremacy although in most cases the battle is clearly won by the stronger icon In some cases, the line that divides the icon from other objects is blurred or even, for emphasis, highlighted.
Abdulla Al -Awadi is a trained architect and currently teaches in the department of architecture in Kuwait University. he also designs contemporary clothes, theatrical costumes, jewelry, accessories, indoor and outdoor installations and plastic art. He is also a photographer,a makeup artist, an art director, a choreographer and a lover of poetry.
This is the second collection of Abdulla Al-Awadi that shows here at dar al funoon about the subject of patterns: behavioral, cultural, or
Come and enjoy this clash of the icons.

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